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is yoast seo premium worth it

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Whether Yoast SEO Premium is worth it depends on your specific needs, the size of your website, and the features that you find valuable. Yoast SEO, both the free and premium versions, is a popular WordPress plugin that helps with on-page SEO optimization. Here are some factors to consider when deciding if Yoast SEO Premium is worth the investment:

  • Advanced Features:
    • Yoast SEO Premium offers additional features beyond what the free version provides. This includes features like internal linking suggestions, content insights, and the ability to optimize for multiple focus keywords. If these features align with your SEO strategy, it could be worth the upgrade.
  • Redirect Manager:
    • One notable feature in Yoast SEO Premium is the Redirect Manager. This tool allows you to easily set up redirects, which is useful for maintaining good SEO when you change URLs or remove pages. If you frequently update your content or website structure, this feature can be beneficial.
  • 24/7 Support:
    • Yoast SEO Premium users receive access to 24/7 customer support. If having dedicated support is important to you, especially for larger or critical websites, this could be a valuable aspect of the premium version.
  • Multiple Focus Keywords:
    • The ability to optimize your content for multiple focus keywords is a feature in Yoast SEO Premium. This can be beneficial if you are targeting more than one keyword per page.
  • Content Insights:
    • The premium version provides content insights that give you information about the readability of your content, the use of passive voice, and the distribution of your keywords. If you are focused on creating highly readable and engaging content, this feature may be valuable.
  • Internal Linking Suggestions:
    • Yoast SEO Premium analyzes your content and suggests internal links to other pages on your website. This can help improve your site structure and enhance the user experience.
  • Regular Updates:
    • The premium version often receives updates and new features before they are available in the free version. If you want access to the latest tools and improvements, the premium version might be worth considering.
  • Your Budget:
    • Consider your budget and whether the features offered in the premium version align with your SEO priorities. For smaller websites or personal blogs, the free version may be sufficient.

In conclusion, if the advanced features, support, and tools offered by Yoast SEO Premium align with your SEO strategy and needs, it can be a worthwhile investment. However, for some users, the free version of Yoast SEO might provide sufficient functionality. It’s recommended to evaluate your specific requirements and weigh the benefits of the premium features against the cost before making a decision.


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