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Refund and Returns Policy

Refund and Returns Policy

Chapter One: Refund and Replacement Policy

1.1 Refund Policy

1.1.1 Refund Requests

Due to the nature of our courses and training programs, we do not allow refunds for any fees paid for course subscriptions, whether pre-recorded or offered through live broadcasts.

1.1.2 Technical Refunds

If there is a significant technical issue affecting the accessibility or quality of the content, you may contact our technical support team within a specified period for a review of your case and appropriate action.

1.2 Replacement Policy

1.2.1 No Replacement Option

Requests for the replacement of any course or training program after completing the purchase are not permitted, as access to the content is considered complete upon payment.

1.2.2 Updates

We may update some courses to include essential updates. In such cases, updates will be free and automatically integrated into the course content.

1.3 Comprehensive Updates

For comprehensive updates requiring the purchase of a new course, this course will not be automatically provided to previous subscribers. They will need to purchase the new version if they wish to access the updates.

1.4 Fair Use

To ensure fair use of our services, subscribers are prohibited from trading, selling, or transferring access rights to the content to third parties.

Chapter Two: Terms of Use

2.1 Monthly and Annual Subscriptions

All subscriptions renew automatically at specified intervals and are non-refundable.

2.3 Intellectual Property Protection

Transferring or copying content, attempting to break protection codes, or making any modifications to the provided materials is strictly prohibited.

2.4 Multi-Device Access

Opening an account on our platform from more than one device simultaneously is not allowed. Any detected violation will result in the immediate suspension of the account.

2.5 Unauthorized Sharing and Distribution

Strongly prohibited is the sharing or distribution of content with non-subscribers. Legal actions may be taken in case of violations.

2.6 Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights are reserved, and using the materials for any commercial or public purpose without written permission is strictly prohibited.

Chapter Three: Exceptions

3.2 Right to Modify

We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time, and subscribers are advised to review it periodically.

Last Update: January 18, 2024